June 2020

RUSUN Company began to transport oil using railcars. It reduces the time to deliver oil for customers.

May 2020

We started to design vegetable oil production plant in "Srednesibirskiy" grain terminal base.

April 2020

Flaxseed oil production workshop began to construct. The expected launch date is September 2020.

February 2020

RUSUN LLC took part in 13-th Winter Cereal Conference in Belokurikha city.

January 2020

RUSUN company took part in XXV "MVC: Cereals - Mixed Feed - Veterinary" International Trade Fair in Moscow.

January 2020

Establishment of a company in Suifenhe city, China.

November 2019

The RUSUN Company took part in the second China International Import Expo in Shanghai. 12 cooperation agreements have been reached to supply oil and other agricultural products.

October 2019

Own container train with flax seeds have been shipped from the new grain terminal in Srednesibirsky village, Altai Krai. Destination - Tianjin Port.

September 2019

In order to promote products in China, "Rusole" trademark for oil products and "Rusun" for grain products were registered.

September 2019

The launch of a rapeseed oil factory in the Altai Krai with 120 tons per day capacity.

September 2019

RUSUN LLC obtained China customs release, and can export the following products to China: rapeseed, flaxseed, buckwheat, sunflower seed, oat, wheat.

September 2019

Completion of the construction of a grain terminal in the Srednesibirsky village, Altai Krai. Possibility of shipment up to 15 railway wagons per day.

August 2019

RUSUN has registered a subsidiary in China.

August 2019

RUSUN LLC took part in the forum of trade and economic cooperation between the China, Mongolia, Russia in Eren-hot and signed a cooperation agreement Inner Mongolia Dongxin Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

May 2019

Start of construction of a grain terminal in the Srednesibirsky village, Altai Krai.

February 2019

RUSUN LLC bought the grain elevator in Blagoveshchenka with 100,000 tons storage capacity.

November 2018

RUSUN LLC participated in the China International Import Expo in Shanghai. During the exhibition, 10 cooperation agreements were signed.

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